Coachella Recap Weekend 1

Hey guys first off if i didn’t call anyone back or answer your texts, I apologize! My phone was possessed this past weekend! I guess 5 bars doesn’t really mean you have good service anymore! lol I think there were sooo many people in the Coachella Valley that the Network was overloaded! I couldn’t post or IG as may pics as I wanted! But waht an amazing weekend! Everyone was out and about!

First Stop was at the new Hard Rock Music Lounge inside the former Hotel Zoso. They had a live camel, that is all I gotta say!

Second stop was at the Ace Hotel. Great tunes by the pool as i worked on my ever important base-tan.

Third stop was the BAR downtown to check out Daedalus and crew throw down on the turntables.

Fourth stop was back to the ACE for Reggae, Reggae, and more Reggae!

Fifth stop was at the Swanky Viceroy hotel for the Guess Coachella Pool Party. I was Tech’ing the event and helping out with sound with my boy Dj JF Discord, all you can drink and all you can eat. Perfect for me!

Sixth stop was back at the ACE Hotel for Stronghold Regge with my boy DJ Journee, video-mixin it up for the first time there! Super dope vibe and people there! My first of many Strongholds!

Seventh Stop was back to the Viceroy to continue to provide top notch sound reinforcement and service for Music Media Entertainment! Once again shout out to Dj James Gonzalez and JF Discord for a good time!

Eighth stop brings us to the world-famous “Do-Over” pool party hosted by Adidas! Always classics and eclectic music to satisfy!

Ninth stop was crusin Downtown hitting up Las Casuelas Terraza and Top that off with Coldstone to sooth my pain. lol

I’ll be back next week to do it all over again!


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