Guestlist for everything this summer and beyond!

Hey guys so I did a test run this past week using ONLY my website for guestlist submissions and collecting names….and it worked perfectly! From here on out if you wanted to get a guestlist for an event that I am Dj-ing at please got to…. and add to it there.

Most of the time I have an auto-response set up and and I can get you info on the venue or rules of the venue that way!

For example for tomorrow at the Caliente Pool Parties at Agua Caliente they run the guest list as follows….

You MUST be in and age-verified by 10pm, not at the back of the line.  Anybody getting their ID checked at 10:01pm and you are paying $10.

Also Guestlist does not CUT you in line you still need to be in line with the general walk-ins. A little different from most clubs and venues, but that is the way that they run it there! Oh and don’t forget because of the patrons, we close at 1am sharp! So get there on time and be ready to rage!



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