Pool Party #2 pics up from Agua Caliente!


Hey guys,

I just uploaded some pics from this past Friday’s Caliente Pool Party up on my website! ┬áHad a great time playing for you all! Thanks everyone for taking the time to add properly to my guestlist and actually come down! ┬áMore and more people are showing and it is just the 2nd week! Had about 1000 people there already!!

If you are coming in a group, the best deal is to get a Cabana reserved thru the Front Desk by calling 760-321-2000. You get your own private waitress and you won’t have to fight the lines at the Bars and not to mention you have your own Lounge area to celebrate!

Here are the pics that made it to my website!


if you wanted to see all of the pics here is the link to my Flickr acct.



See everyone in the desert again this weekend!



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